Personal works.

Baboo & Squatt

Guardian of the Royal Promise


Gus Van Wetering

Spotify DJ Cat

Spotify Summer

Chill SoCal crow drinking a venti hot triple five-pump vanilla non-fat no foam whipped cream extra hot extra carmel upside down carmel machiatto.

Ramen and paper cranes

Happy Valentine's Day!

X-Files & Totoro mashup.

Merry Christmas!

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Darth Grater

Boba Tea Fett


Self-Affirming Sweater

Tiki Kitty


Space Jam

Happy Meal

Mama Said Knock You Out

The Amazing Pepe Roni

Color Match in Heaven

Cheerful Chomper

I did a design for @fuzzyink to help in the fight against prostate cancer. Get this and other cool mustache inspired shirts now at #movember

Here's Looking at You, Kid

Corn Dog

Hardcore Gamer

Milk and Cereal

We Put The Class In Classical

Catch A Falling Star

Here's a t-shirt design I did for my friend @fuzzyink. You can get it now at!

from band-aid doodles to painted skateboards hanging in a gallery #adventuretime #mondotees

Let's Go On An Adventure!

Here Ducky, Ducky

There's No I In Team

On The Run

Laser Cats


T-Riffic Failure

Play With Me!

Hot Dog!

Milk Builds Muscles

Kappa Noodle

Dracula's Lament & Peter's Lament

You're Disloyal

NES Family

Be Creative

Loose Seal

All I Need Is This

Sad Hobo Clown Keanu

When You Sleep

my Adventure Time character skateboards

Cute As Me!

vectored my doodle from yesterday.

And That's How The Cookie Crumbled

Making Bubbles

So Hipster


Old Skool

I Don't Think You're Ready For This Jelly

Ice Cream Beach Party

Apple Bottom

Jumping Tape

The One

Stache Attack!

Girl Scout Cookies

Off To See The World

Wolf to the Future



Helping A Friend

Making New Friends

Chatting with Friends

Mondrian's Playground

Happy Ugly Sweater Days!

Jelly Time


Cherry Pie-rate

Han Solo Cup & Chewbacca the Cookie




Getting In Shape

Three Wild Hogs

Pink Elephant

Deep Blue Sea

Burger, Fries, and a Shake Your Booty

Meat and Potato Kinda Guy

The Short Straw

Happy Holidays!


Step 5: WOLF OUT!

Best Friends Forever

Joe and the Awesome Technicolor Raincoat

A Rainbow Is When Clouds Shake Hands

Older Illustration