Friday, October 29, 2004

Shirt Folding Trick

Ok ok... I just witnessed the most amazing thing ever done with laundry since the little laundry ball. A how-to-fold-a-shirt video from Japan that shows you how to fold a shirt perfectly under three seconds, using a simple pinch and flip.

Folding Instructions
(taken from
  1. Lay shirt face-up on a smooth surface, long side facing you, with the neck on your left. With the edge of your hand, draw an imaginary line from shoulder to hem on the far side. Along this line, pinch the shirt with your left hand at the shoulder and with your right at the middle of the chest.
  2. Fold the shoulder over, crossing left hand over right, to meet the hem along this line. Now pinch the hem and shoulder together with your left fingers.
  3. Lift the shirt and uncross your hands, pulling the shirt taut. Give it a shake.
  4. Lay the shirt down sleeve first, then the body face-up on top to finish. (For long sleeves, lay the shirt fully facedown in Step 4, then fold the sleeves in neatly before the final fold.)


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